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Psalm 27: It's Good! Print E-mail

King David“God is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear.” (Psalm 27:1) “She (Yocheved) saw that he (Moshe) was good” (Exodus 2:2) It has been taught in a Baraita: Rabbi Meir says “Tov” – Good – was Moshe’s original name. The Sages say that when Moshe was born the entire house filled with light.

The Zohar (Volume 1 31b) explains that this light was the light of the Six Days of Creation, which God hid away for the righteous in the future. God allowed this light to shine for Moshe for the first three months of his life and then took it away when he was taken to Pharaoh’s house, until he stood at Mt. Sinai and the light was restored.

God allowed Moshe to experience the full light of the righteous for the first few months of his life so that it would be part of his nature and he would access it more easily at Sinai.

Elul and Rosh Hashana are our opportunities to experience a taste of this ultimate light and make it part of our life. We will be better able to access it during the rest of the year if we familiarize ourselves with it during these weeks.
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